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C4C team member Dr. B. Kafui Glover - one of only two Ghanaian optometric microsurgeons, a distinguished Fellow of the College of Surgeons, and graduate of Yale University, our colleague, sister, and most dear friend - was devoted to women and children of Ghana and Africa.  She dedicated her life in service to others.

Kafui shared with us her passion for bringing medical care and services to people in need through a mobile medical health unit that she had launched.  She was a strong advocate against domestic violence, or any type of violence against women and children.  She had many ideas she wanted to see incorporated within C4C.

Since childhood we have known Kafui as a wise, brilliant, great and compassionate friend who was always ready to help.  Recently, Michel sent a young mother who had a child with serious cataracts and glaucoma to see her.  She was kind enough to treat this child and did not charge for her services.  This was her common practice.  Kafui lived to help and serve.

When we were young and in boarding school, she always hunkered down and studied hard, as she resolved to become the dedicated doctor she was.  Her gift of healing eyes, the window to the soul, is a gift that reflected her spirit.  She was a most refreshing person.  Bright and beautiful.  Open and truthful.  Honest and refreshing.

The photographs below are of Kafui in Washington, DC and Labone, Ghana.  In Washington, DC, she was enjoying time with her Achimota School friends at the school reunion.  In Ghana, our sister was enjoying a joyful get-together with best friends Michel and Brenya.

Kafui's passing is a great loss not only to her dear family and friends but also to the many to whom she gave medical care and treatment.


Brenya Twumasi

B. Kofi Glover

Michel Bowman-Amuah

7 December 2009


Kafui Glover               Kafui Glover


 Kafui - collage

C4C staff is on mission in various parts of the globe.  The following visuals depict some of the mission work C4C has done.

The first photo gallery contains photos taken in Peru - C4C Staff travel globally on mission

The second photo gallery shows that C4C continues advocacy for community support.  Flooding destroys homes, property, and causes loss of life.

The third photo gallery shows that many people eat perhaps once per day, or less.

C4C investigative reporter on the scene at High Court, when protesters in Accra marched to High Court, pleading for justice, given their plight.  Investigative reporter inviewed both bystanders and protesters.

Ghana is a divided country, in empathy, in economic status, and the distribution of wealth.

Protestors in Accra, Ghana took to the streets on June 22, 2015 to protest the destruction of their homes and belongings in the slum known as Sodom and Gomorrah.

The photos below show the protestors marching in the streets in front of the courthouse.