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Our C4C: Kaleidoscope, inc Team is a remarkable one. If you ever have the opportunity, ask members their stories. As you hear their stories you will understand the making of this Team. A team that has given 25 years of their time, energy and personal income to drive this Humanitarian organization. An organization that for 25 years focuses on children and at-risk youth.  It is incorporated in Ghana, West Africa.

The elders of C4C Kaleidoscope have devoted their lives' work to mentoring others in the service of Peace Security. Three of those they mentored from birth are on the Operations Staff .

The founder of C4C, at age 10, began The Perfect Peace Club, with then co founding members (of the Perfect Peace club)  Sybil Williams-Baffoe and Flossie E. Apaloo.  The three young girls, as community advocates, sought community collaboration in their quest to improve the community health in Ghana, West Africa.  In the early 1970's the concept of Peace  as related to community health was not as widespread in urban nor rural  dialogue as it is today in the 21st century. These three young girls were trailblazers at the young age of eleven. 

From the hearts and minds of the three young girls came the design of The Perfect Peace Club -  C4C: Kaleidoscope has evolved to what it is today. It has evolved to serve the needs of children and at-risk youth. Today's community holds the diverse needs of our: Traditionalists, Baby boomers, X-Geners, Millieniuims and Younger.

The spirit of C4C was infused in 1994 through a beautiful and giving woman (M.S.) who rescued a young child from slavery.  This child was a victim of human trafficking.  Through a combination of the child's strength, and the woman's love, C4C has become what it is today.  The eyes in the C4C banner are reminiscent of that story. Community health continues to be paramount. 

What makes up C4C: Kaleidoscope Inc., is her team of superb individuals.  C4C has spanned over two decades and is still staying the course. C4C is infused with the hope of those who came before. C4C is built on faith and hope. Our retired Military have spent decades serving not only their community but also their Nation.  Professor Patrick Twumasi (may he rest in Peace) and Dr. Patrick Twumasi, Jr. (may he rest in Peace) devoted their lives to their very last breath to both the human journey and medical sciences. They both communicated eagerly ( to all who would listen) on the need for peace within the human experience.  Dr. Wutoh and Dr. Victor Kumoji (may they rest in Peace)  both enjoyed supporting C4C with their devotion to Community Health.  Dr. Kafui B. Glover always spoke words of Community Health.  She knew this journey would continue as The Baton would always be passed.  Dr. Wutoh, as C4C's founding agriculturalist, mentored C4C's staff to appreciate the nuances of agricultural sustainability.  Ret. Col. Richard Lantry, PhD, has been a formidable force with the mission and focus of C4C for over a decade.  Much appreciation is given to him for all his service to the team and the community.

Today the C4C team is stronger than ever and includes: Susan A. M. Glover, Michel Bowman Amuah, Roslyn Chester, Dorothy Gordon, all who have years of diverse expertise that is invaluable. Chrystal Magdaleno has the wisdom, dedication, and heart that any organization seeks.   It is the hope of C4C that with this quality of expertise, the journey in community training and service will be more effectuated.

C4C  is guided by the ideals of peace and harmony as basic human needs and rights.  Numerous situations continue to erupt around the world, which threaten these human needs and rights for millions of individuals.  It is the distinct belief of C4C that we can collaborate to build awareness within our diverse communities for our children that will grant them a future with promise.  C4C staff and board members have served as  educators, doctors and high level arbitrators and mediators in a variety of situations and at many different levels.  These members have mediated between nation states and presidents.  C4C board members have served as community mental health counselors and educators. They have served as medical professionals. They have served as mediators in legal negotiations, and have also been involved in mediating within gang deliberations.  They have also served as mediators for peoples experiencing trauma from mass disaster.  Members of our unique, strong team of diverse professionals have worked together for more than three decades.


The motivation behind C4C:Kaleidoscope began several decades ago with the founding of the Perfect Peace Club in Ghana.  C4C founder Brenya Twumasi co-founded the Perfect Peace Club with Flossie E. Apaloo and Sybil O. Williams Baffoe when they were ten and eleven years old.  At the time, their mission was to serve humanity through public service, and exhibit a model for community collaboration and peace.  They developed a mission statement and constitution for the Perfect Peace Club, and approached neighbors in their Ghanaian community to offer community service.

C4C: Kaleidoscope has been in existence since September, 1992.  It was originally established under the name CRI: Child Reach International, as a child survival agency. In this capacity it served to empower youth and give a voice to mother's and children.  Then one of the key issues explored was child slavery and human trafficking.  The name was changed to C4C: Kaleidoscope in 1995.  C4C's founder is from Africa.  Staffers and board members of C4C are from Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

The official public launch of C4C: Kaleidoscope took place on 4 September 1994, at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium.  A concert was presented, featuring Zaire artist Koffi Olomide, and C4C used the forum to shed light on the plight of the genocide occurring in Rwanda and Burundi.  The concert was sponsored by Zanzibar on the Waterfront.  4000 guests were in attendance.

C4C has  worked with diverse refugee communities.  Displaced refugees are given humanitarian aid by United Nations entities, regional organizations and civil society groups for a defined period of time, after which the expectation is that the refugees become self sustaining; however, this is most often not the case.  Many refugees remain despondent.  C4C has helped with integration issues faced by refugee families.  

Since the late 1950's and early 1960's family members of the board members of C4C, including the founder's, have been actively serving the public, aiming to model and foster collaboration and peace within the various regions of Africa.  Honored and missed C4C co-founders, Doctors Victor K. Kumoji, Patrick A. Twumasi Sr., and Patrick A. Twumasi Jr, and member Dr. Wutoh dedicated their lives to Community Health in Africa.  C4C continues this longstanding effort. Being a Company that has spanned decades the unfortunate reality is as we journey we have had to say good bye to brilliant stars. their legacy lives on through the service we are granted.