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Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides:

July 2013 -  Our farms and gardens use Organic and Non Toxic pesticides and Organic fertilizers. We encourage the development and use of Compost.

Chemical fertilizers and Chemical pesticides have been proven to have over riding health implications. These health implications impact on the soil, seeds, crops, livestock, small critters, soil organisms and humans.

2013 - our Peace Gardens in:  England, West Africa and in Texas continue to flourish. We are very happy with the  creative results  and resulting impact. We of C4C  want to share our techniques with as many as are interested in learning about the "Green" environment and it's supportive effects. 


The Peace Garden has thrived again during and  through another difficult drought in Texas.  The drought has been so severe that wildfires have burned over 3.5 million acres of land throughout the state.  In October 2011 over 73% of the land in Texas is currently in 'exceptional drought' conditions, which is a slight improvement from September 2011.  

The xeriscaping techniques used in the Peace Garden have allowed the garden to thrive in these difficult conditions.


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