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Given the report from our Logistics team, the efforts of C4C and her staff, and global collaboration C4C has yet again a positive report.  The Logistics team reports that C4C's advocacy has reached numerous Nations in the world, thanks to you, staff travels, information technology matched with virtual reality.  Thanks to C4C staff and volunteers for their tireless public service over the last 20 years.  This is truly an agency that has been dedicated to service without compensation.

The agency has been contacted by people from nations around the globe, including:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Seychelles, India, Ethiopia, Dubai, Israel, Somalia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Monaco, Australia, Norway, France, Austria, Ghana, New Zealand, Switzerland, Cocos Islands, Moldova, Romania, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Tunisia, Nigeria, Zaire, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, Lebanon, Macau, Albania, and Qatar.

Thank you for your 21 years of dedicated support to C4C.  Your continued support is necessary for creating proactive  solutions to Global issues..